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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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been up here on higala highland lane all day long. this is as close as they're allowing us to get to the crime scene. you can see a sheriff's deputy has positioned himself on the roadway. hes keeping people from going to the scene. investigators are searching evidence at a home we have been told is owned by 49er linebacker aldon smith. nbc bay area has learned that smith was stabbed during a party he was hosting at his house last night. two other people were hit by gunfire. sheriff's deputies say all three victims received non-life-threatening injuries and are expected to recover. the santa clara county sheriff's department tells us they got a 911 call just after 2:00 this morning. they arrived to an extremely chaotic and hectic scene. they say there was about 100 people there at the party, many of them trying to leave when
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investigators arrived. they quickly discovered that three people had been injured, but they say nobody at the party knew who was responsible, and so far they have no suspects. a neighbor described what he saw and heard. >> lots of shots about 2:00 in the morning, somewhere around there. after that followed by lots of police activity, red lights, sirens, and didn't know what was happening until there was a deputy knocking on our door, interviewing neighbors. >> now, the 49ers general manager released a statement late this afternoon saying, we are in contact with aldon and are thankful that his injuries were not more serious and that he is recovering comfortably. again, aldon smith's injuries are described as minor. the two other victims are also expected to recover. we're back here live where you can see a sheriff's deputy is keeping close watch here. they are not allowing anybody to go up. we are told that the crime scene investigators could be up here
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for several hours. again, at this point, investigators have no idea what led to the violence or who is responsible. reporting live in santa clara county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you for the update. in vallejo, police say a man is dead after police say he pointed a gun at them and he was shot. this happened at an armed robbery at a convenience store. witnesses told police the gunman got away in a white jeep cherokee. it was stolen out of concord, so the police chased the suv, but the suspect ditched the jeep and started off on foot. they ordered him to surrender, but he refused and pointed a gun at them. he was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. the officer is being placed on administrative leave and the incident is now being investigated by the vallejo
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police department. family and friends of a man who disappeared after a giants game is asking for the public's help to find him tonight. today they posted flyers along the embarcadero before heading to the bay. after the monday giants game, he was reportedly walking way friend to their karat picar at . that friend looked up from sending a text message and he was gone. they found what they thought was a body in the water. it turned out to be a false alarm. there are heightened family emotions. >> it's difficult for us having to find him in the waters but not wanting to find him in the waters. we're not stopping until we get some sort of closure. all that is possible for us is finished here right now. >> extensive searches from the water and the air have revealed
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nothing so far. there was a scary moment in the east bay this morning when an elderly driver crashed into an ice cream shop. police say a 73-year-old woman accidentally pressed the gas instead of the brake, sending her car crashing through the front of this baskin robbins near oakville road in concord. the crash happened at 8:30 this morning. the store was closed at the time. the driver was not hurt, but there was an employee inside who suffered some minor injuries when she was trapped behind the counter. this type of accident has happened before at the very same shopping center. >> there have been four here in the last 15 years, not necessarily at the baskin robbins but at this shopping center and stuff. this crew also reported across the street when we had a tragedy easter weekend. >> what he's referring to is when mr. new man and his daughter were hit on their
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bikes. the finals for the gymnastics trials are at hp pavilion right now. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is there. hello, kimberly. >> hello. two finished on top today. the three others will be decided that will round out the olympic team sent to london. those other three will be announced tomorrow morning along with two alternates. on sunday it will be all about the ladies. while the action inside the arena is wrapped up for the day, outside there is a block party going on. people are out here with their families enjoying the excitement of the olympic trials. there are tens of thousands of fans here for this weekend's main event. there are also well known olympians from years past who are able to weigh in on the caliber of talent in this year's trials. >> from the moment the competition started, i could tell it was going to be a good day, and the guys looked very on.
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the level of gymnastics nowadays has just increased to where even someone like me, an olympic champion, i'm just floored at stuff being done on the competition floor. >> paul homni, only person to win all-around olympic champion, which he did in 2004, said he hopes to make it to the london games to cheer on the team. hombi was hoping to be competing at the trials himself, but an injury kept that from happening. the festivities continue until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, the women's finals, and by night's end, we'll know who the u.s. will be sending to the olympics in london for gymnastics. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. there are just 26 days left until the start of the summer games. keep it here on nbc bay area for our exclusive coverage and
6:07 pm you can subscribe to the torch for the day's most talked about stories, olympic stories, that is. just go to our news tab at and click on olympics. some people in london are protesting what they say goes against the olympic spirit. millions are without power after a storm hit the east coast tonight, and record temperatures there make the situation even worse. and how far would you go for a picture perfect view? we'll show you that as well. good evening, i'm anthony slaughter in the nbc bay area weather center this evening. we're talking about temperatures that were warm today. in fact, south bay and east bay locations got into the 80s, and if you're making plans to head over to pleasanton, we have mostly 70s.
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a major storm hit the east coast overnight, killing at least 13 people. three governors have declared a state of emergency and as many as 3 million people are without power. the hardest hit areas? virginia and washington, d.c. and today temperatures reached a record 104 degrees in the nation's capitol, making it extremely dangerous for those people without power, and,
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therefore, without air-conditioning. nbc's brian moore has a look. >> reporter: the storms hit with little warning and left behind a multi-state path of death and destruction. not even mighty trees were any match for hurricane force winds. >> the word that comes to mind is horrific. the wind was howling, the trees seemed to be bending. >> reporter: falling trees were responsible for several of the deaths blamed on this sudden outburst of violent weather. >> lights were flashing, the sky was lit up. the wind was blowing 80 miles an hour and waves of rain was coming through. >> reporter: the trail of damage is immense. the stories of survival harrowing. >> and the next thing you know, there was this huge crash. >> reporter: from ohio to new jersey, millions are without power and may not be back on line for another week. the governors of ohio, west virginia and virginia have issued disaster declarations.
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>> this is the largest non-hurricane power outage in virginia history. >> reporter: but as the massive cleanup effort begins, mother nature is posing yet another threat: record heat across much of the country. brian moore, nbc news. >> and still ahead at 6:00, the san francisco police department isn't known for being high tech. in fact, they just got e-mail last year. but this year the department took a major step forward and we'll explain that. also we'll introduce you to the bay area couple willing to pay millions just to change the view from their neighborhood.
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the san francisco police department has some new crime-fighting tools. this week it announced that 60 graduating police officers will go into the field with laptops that have internet access, gps, and can tap into the department's complete databases. department leader say it's already made a huge difference. officers are able to add more detail to each report and then share those reports more easily. it is a big step for this department that only last year gave the officers e-mail accounts. so how much would you pay to improve the view from your home? for one marin county couple the tab was, oh, about $4 million. joe rosato, jr. showed us what was standing in the way. >> reporter: you often hear about stories with breath-takinging views getting the wind knocked out of them by a construction project. it brings to mind the joni mitchell song, paved to parad e
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paradise, put up a parking lot. paradise took its revenge. >> the house stuck out from the ridge quite a bit, blocked the view. >> reporter: today dave bettes' construction crew crushed a 65-foot home on belvedere home. >> it was 65 years old. >> reporter: it was basically a carriage home from when this was a sprawling estate. over the years, it had not been used. they paid $4 million to buy it and have it demolished. the winslows didn't want to talk on camera, but they said they plan to replace their panoramic
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view. the view snapped to life. >> a week ago you couldn't see anything from here except the gable end of the house. and now we've opened it up for everybody to enjoy. >> reporter: everybody included neighbor roger snow whose house sat just up the hill to the demolished property. >> the view valley nice now. we sit right across the bay. it's really improved the view. when the america's cup is on, we'll have a really good view. >> reporter: even the planning department couldn't find anything historic about it, but when the walls came down, another line from that joni mitchell song came to mind: you don't know what you got till it's gone. >> you have to say, it's one heck of a view. let's check in with andy slaughter for the weather. >> notice, really not bad
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anywhere across the board. 71 in san francisco. even santa rosa hit 81. head off to the east, fairfield 72 degrees. gilroy topped out at 87 degrees. even though we had that onshore flow, the clouds kind of dissipated as we headed towards noon, but they are starting to hug the coast again, and thikng are starting to fog back up. basically we're talking about more fog tomorrow morning and a cooling wind, so even though today some places got into the 80s, tomorrow it looks like we'll be a couple degrees cooler but not by much. 76 now in santa rosa. same for napa. concord 77. that cooling wind at 77 in oakland. 69 in san francisco right now and 75 in san jose. tomorrow morning again, we're basically talking about what we saw this morning. fog, little patch of drizzle, and as we head toward noon,
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we'll start to clear out. monday, we're talking about mid-80s inland, so the places that got into the low 80s today, close to 90 as we head toward the fourth of july. the good news is things will remain dry, but we could definitely use some rain. a lot of that rain is going to hang out on the pacific northwest. portland, they're looking for showers today and tomorrow. the cold is basically to reinforce the wind and keep that onshore flow in place. we'll deal with fog in the morning, but by tomorrowe'll clear out nicely. 50s and 60s up the coast, 70s and 80s make their return. loss -- las gatos, 53. walnut creek, for example, and even fairfield, 83 degrees. once we get foet nins the penin
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onshore flows, 68 tomorrow. not bad, close to average for this time of year. one of our northernmost spots of the bay, 87. tuesday that's when we'll see our peak heat and then we cool just a bit as we head to the fourth of july as that onshore flow starts to return. there will be a system to our north. the clouds will increase and the coastal nations will start to cool just a bit, but you know, diane, i don't see a whole lot of rain. i don't think we'll see a whole lot in the next 7 days, and if you're like me and you love the outdoors, you have plenty of plans for perfect conditions. >> and we get to do that a little more during the week. still ahead at 6:00, a london neighborhood is furious over how police wants to use its buildings for the olympics. can you say missiles?
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we'll show you next.
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hundreds of people took to the streets of london today. they're protesting britain's military which is considering putting missiles on roofthe roof buildings for security during the olympics. as of now, six sites have been picked for surface to air missiles, some in residential spots. officers said this measure will keep the games safer, but some say if the missiles need to be used, they will be exploding over the densely populated areas of london. they say this ruins the spirit of the olympic games. marilyn coggin nearly kept her quest alive. she has one race left in order to qualify for the summer games. she swam just fast enough last night to advance in the 100 meter freestyle.
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the finals are tonight. you can watch her starting at 8:00 tonight. right now we're bringing in henry wooferd at comcast. a little baseball, soccer action. what's going on? >> we're going to watch some soccer. highlights, that is. u.s. and canada women in a very competitive showdown. and the cincinnati reds are giving the g-man a tough time this weekend. two first-place teams swinging for the fences. we'll have your highlights and post-game interviews, next.
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. hey, whenever you're sitting in first place, there is a huge target on your back, but it appears the giants and reds are up for the challenge. so far neither team is backing down. reds and giants split the first two games of their four-game series and we had another close game this afternoon. let's go out to beautiful at&t park for all the action. look at who is at the game. barry bonds taking in the game watching barry zito on the bump. top of the 4th, we were scoreless. bases loaded. brandon phillips will laugh his way home to make it 1-0, top of the 5th. bases loaded, but jay bruce lies into the 6th. top of the 7th we go. pablo flashing the leather for the second straight day.
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drew stubs pops up the bunt, but he's hustling out there with a diving catch. 9th inning, giants fans bringing out the rally. he gets the rally started hitting a triple to right center. however, the next batter, greg blanco scores. but they seal the deal by ending the game. reds win 2-1. let's hear it for the g-man. >> we knew we had to work it out, and he has been tough on us, but we've had some good games against him. we knew, you know, what we were going into, but when a pitcher, a good pitcher, is on top of his game, you do all you can to compete and hopefully get some runs, and we just had a tough time today. >> all we can do is just try to
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do the best we can do. today was a tough day, yesterday was a tough day, but still early in the season and we still have to play every single game and try to win. >> reporter: giants and reds will wrap up their four-game series tomorrow afternoon. you can catch the action right here on comcast sports bay area later in the afternoon. how about u.s. and canada in the final team-up? alex morgan injuries her knee, clearly in pain. she will leave the game under her own power. the team says it was a precautionary measure. 1-0 u.s. melissa tancreney, tied at 1. megan rapano and amy rodriguez
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put the u.s. back ahead. 2-1 is your final. what about tennis? there is a lot of upsets going on. andy roddick at wimbledon was knocked out of the tournament today by david ferrer. the number 7 seed took care of roddick in four sets, and he will take on juan beltin beltine deporto. his victory was the 2003 open. a lot of tears from there. that may be the final time you see him compete at wimbledon. over at the pool, michael phelps celebrated his 27th birthday in ohio. what's a party if you aren't winning? he made his qualifying time in the heat for the 100-meter butterfly, clocking a time at 51.80 seconds. he's nowhere near done. michael phelps and natalie
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coggin looking for victory in the pool tonight, and as diane says, you can see it all here on we have to watch swimming, right? how are you going to get your work done? >> i guess that's part of my work, right? >> i guess so. me, too. i'm not typing any scripts together, forget about it. thank you for choosing nbc bay area at 6:00. we have the giants clubhouse coming up next. we have swimming coming up at 8:00 as well. >> see you.


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